Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keeping Up With Today's Economy

It took me long to make an updated post due to the fact that I have been very busy trying to keep up with the recession of our economy in the US. Everyday the first thing in the morning when I wake up setting down on the table having a cup of coffee, both my husband and I are trying to come up with an idea and solution how to cut down things to meet our financial budget. So far so good! We talk things out and resolve the circumstances in our daily life activities. My only wish is having a continuous good strength to keep up with it. Keeping a positive attitude, pray and have faith in god is the best thing you could do to have a peace of mind. Whatever consequences it is, I am still thankful to god for having a good health and receiving grace everyday of my life.
You have to remember, "Life is to short...!" So, live life to the fullest and be thankful to god...