Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Role Model Couple Who Deserves A Great Home For Their Beautiful Family...

My home sweet home in the Island of Cebu, Philippines was recently purchased by Mr and Mrs Zenz.

Stephan and Margie Zenz, are model parents and a great role model for other families throughout the world. Besides their own 2 (two) children Margie and Stephan has also adopted 3 (three) other children and is providing them a fantastic life and more importantly a great education, bright future and family love. This great couple owns a Salon called "EXPOSE" at the "Crossroads Center" located in Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines. To make an appointment you can call (32) 231-6550 or (32) 416-5458. Stephan Zenz is a well known Hairstylist with "Wella Balsam" and known for his work worldwide. His wife Margie has also established herself as a hairstylist with a great technique of her own. This couple together has created an unbelievable Salon, Hospitality and great Customer Service that all should visit anytime whenever you're in Cebu.