Monday, May 4, 2009

Step Up Your Trading Game With tradeMONSTER

I can only say they are the best broker I traded so far. Credits go to both odds as being the broker and TradeMonster for providing very competitive pips spread 24 hours for all majors (7 currencies total including eurchf, eurgbp, eurjpy) no stop hunting, no requoting and their options trading online. Execution time is as low as ping time and it is always like that! No freezing problem and mt4is available! Although they provide 2 pips bid/ask quotation values and moves, prices are in accordance with the ecn brokers I compared. They provide just one more pips and had seen no manipulative spikes yet! For example mig used to be 3 or 4 pips more(or less) than ecn brokers during volatile-reversal times, so mig were trying to to make 4-5 pips profit during entering and another 4-5 pips during closing.) I don't trade news and they don't ever go against you if you are in a profitable position. Their English support is sufficient and you can find people caring your needs! Since I have not encountered any single unfair issue I regard them with the highest 5 star. I hope and feel that they will be same in future.

TradeMonster is an innovative online brokerage that grew from the success and reputation of, a leading provider of financial market intelligence and analytical commentary. TradeMonster is a brand new powerful platform built for traders of stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds and bonds. TradeMonster includes powerful trading tools, easy customization, integrated education, expert support and low, transparent commissions. While most online brokerages merely provide a venue for trading, TradeMonster integrates powerful online trading platform with constructive educational resources all backed by exceptional customer service and priced for value. Giving you Hundreds of Indicators and Fast Execution.

Step up your trading game with TradeMonster! Over 100 indicators! Easy to use! Fast execution! The advanced technology and speed of execution! TradeMonster is a trading platform for stock and options traders who demand nothing but the cutting edge!

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