Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Beans

I found out from a dietitian that eating beans in your diet, is packed with nutritional benefits. Beans and other legumes are rich source of protein and fiber. They are full of various plant compounds, such potassium and folate, which benefit heart health. Beans also play a key role in keeping a healthy weight. They fill you up faster and keep you full longer. Four or more servings of legumes per week are enough to lower your risk of heart disease by 22%. Mash beans with garlic and herbs to make a delicious dip, or puree cooked beans with broth for a tasty soup! Filipinos love to eat rice paired with hot steaming soup during lunch or dinner. One example is Mongo Guisado which is the most common Filipino soup because of its rich vitamin content and affordable ingredients. I would like to share my simple recipe of cooking "Mongo Beans Guisado".


Serves 4

1 C mung beans, soaked overnight in water
¼ C pork, cut into 1” cubes
3 C water
¼ C shrimps, shelled and deveined
2 T oil
2 C additional water
1 tsp minced garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
¼ C chopped onion
1 T bagoong (fermented shrimp paste)
2 tomatoes, cubed
½ lb spinach or watercress leaves

Boil mung beans in 3 C water till tender. In another pan, brown garlic and onion. Add shrimp paste, tomatoes and cook till soft. Add pork, and cook till tender. Add shrimps and cook for an additional 5 min. Add boiled mung beans and 2 C water to sauteed mixture. Bring to a boil again. Season with salt and pepper. Add spinach immediately after mixture comes to boil. Serve hot over rice.


Euroangel said...

oist kalami gud ani mongo baya..musta na!! regards to all there!! ingatz you all!

eden said...

hmmm miss this kind of food

Mixed and Motions said...

Glad to know that you enjoyed this shared recipe of mine... Sometimes it is comforting to taste some of that homemade dishes! I will see what I can come up today with another dish topic and I will be sharing that ideas too!

Check it out...

Seeker said...

Yes beans are an incredible healthy food with so many benefits. I use a can of mixed beans and tomatoes to soup it up. Nice blog.

Seeker said...

Yes beans are an incredible healthy food with so many benefits. Nice blog.

planet asian said...

its look like a 'lotek' in indonesian . hmmm :)
thnks , nice share .