Thursday, April 16, 2009

Foods Filled With Flavor

The beauty of foods that have fillings is that they're versatile as well as economical. You choose what goes on the inside, making it possible to easily cater to a variety of health conscious, finicky or vegetarian tastes without a lot of extra effort in the kitchen! The kids aren't cheering for Asparagus and low fat Ricotta Cheese Stromboli? Swap out cooked ground turkey, low fat Cheddar Cheese and Bacon bits for a "Cheeseburger" version they're sure to enjoy. Encrust leftover deli Rotisserie Chicken and vegetables with refrigerated pie crust dough for an exotic Empanada or Pot Pie that's fast and family friendly. Better yet, show off your cooking prowess, while avoiding the timely fuss, by substituting pre-made Wonton Wrappers for pasta dough in Ravioli or hearty pierogi dishes. Serve with your favorite sauce or topping, and you've got a delicious weeknight meal in no time!

Foods like plump Ravioli, spicy enchiladas and savory pot pies, all filled with steaming ingredients that not only please the palate, but satisfy and warm the soul...!

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