Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Could Win Daily Prize Through SMS Sweepstakes

Text Messaging is the most popular way of communication with today's technology! It also use for advertisement for most Marketing and Sales. Select the sweepstakes, which you find interesting and want to enter. By clicking on the detail of the sweepstakes you can see three steps under the main picture describing how to proceed. You could Win iPhone, and the more you enter you will have a better chance to win PRIZE OF THE DAY!

Do you own an internet shop? Do you sell goods or services? Do you want to promote your products? Do you want to get promoted using a cheap and pleasant method for customers? Organize your own marketing sweepstakes. It is easy, there are no risks or losses involved. By promoting your own sweepstakes, e.g. among your existing customers or by your own advertising campaign the money you invested to the prize will be refunded. If you become a sponsor of the sweepstakes and provide a sweepstakes prize and arrange its shipment to the winner, you can promote your sweepstakes thanks to their affiliate program and as their partner you get 30% of their commission for each SMS sent to their sweepstakes. By providing a prize to the competition you obtain a massive promotion and advertising. Marketing sweepstakes are well accepted by customers and it is the most popular marketing method. SMS sweepstakes can also be organized without the Internet. Advertising and the sweepstakes organization is free.

To enter a sweepstake you have to send one initiate message and second confirmation message. By sending confirmation message you read and agree with terms and conditions. Price of entering to sweepstake is $2.99.

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