Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Place Where I Can Come Home

This is the house where I can come home in Cebu, Philippines located in Talisay City. It was built on 2004. This house is one of my biggest accomplishment that I have done for myself and for my family back home in the Philippines! A place where I can proudly say "My home sweet home". It is very safe, spacious and comfortable! A place where I can bring my own family and stay there comfortably during our yearly visit to the Philippines. Although, it's not in a fancy neighborhood subdivision but me and my family feel safe and secured! This is where I grew up to learn, witness the real life and real world. Sometimes I feel sad to even think about that I don't live there permanently! I have my own life and family now who lived a thousand miles away from my siblings and my only parent Mama Lita. But, it's comforting to know that my family and I have a house to come home, knowing that we still have almost the same people who still lived there except they're expanding family generations. It is a good feeling that myself and my family able to mingle with families and relatives around the neighborhood. This neighborhood community is part of my life! This is the original location where both of my parents lived and raised us. My father died in a tragic death and I promised him that I will take care of the house and it will be better than it was! Since his death everyday of my life it is always in my heart and mind that I have to make it happen. It is not an easy road for me to make things happen. But, I have made it and that is all what matter to me. I'm sure my father is happy and can rest peacefully.

Front View of the house...
The terrace overlooking the front where I spent my morning greetings to everyone! It has the perfect view where you can see the daily neighborhood activities? Yap...!

The Golden Gate... lol..!

The great view of daily neighborhood activities from the terrace...

The Master Suite bedroom where you can have the freedom and right to your privacy! And Yes! I can put the "Do Not Disturb" sign at my door... When I'm inside it's peace and quite...

As I mentioned above this is my hang out area towards the terrace where I can set, relax and enjoy my coffee with my husband having chat or just having snack... The kitchen with a humongous center island... I'm not joking! I have caught my Mom sleeping on top of that center island...! lol... Look underneath! My little puppy "Keb" taking his nap! See... it's a proven fact... lol! It is made of Marble Stone throughout the Kitchen Countertop with Stainless Steel sink.
The Dining area...

The Stairway to heaven... The Living Room... That's our old family sectional couch furniture! You can call it an antique furniture! It has been re-upholstered a few times to keep it nice. We had it as far as I can remember? Probably more than 33 years now?
Here's an updated picture of this sectional couch! Above picture is the before and the below picture is the after! Once again, it's re-upholstered... If you notice, I added a new living room furniture in the other room area.

I am looking forward in decorating and furnishing this house when I 'm able to stay a little longer!


Euroangel said...

musta na..very nice...im happy to all of your accomplishments...keep it up...you deserve it!! just sending my best regards to all of you!! mizyah all....God bless..babuu time to go to sleep!!

Ann said...

Thanks for the acknowlegement! Glad you to know you appreciate my hard work. Miss ya too cousin! Sleep tight na!

Prettymom said...

nice house, how i wish i can make a house like this for my family.

Rolly said...

Very beautiful house. How I wish I can have like this soon.

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Rolly said...

Really a beautiful house. Please try to be safe in disclosing your house to the viewers. Don't take this seriously. This is just a piece of advice if you're with me. Hope you don't mind.

For me, I really like it and I think I can't build like that. Be safe.