Friday, April 17, 2009

Beware Of The Dangers While Networking

While networking, circles can be terrific resources if you choose and use them wisely, as with any web-based endeavor, joining an online community brings its' own specific pitfalls. Anonymity is an inherent part of the online environment. Anybody can easily create a whole new persona online. Whether you are using social media to connect with business associates or to hire staff, always exercise due diligence and do the background work that goes with those relationships. Be selective about who you allow into your immediate network. It may only take one loose cannon in the bunch to destroy your credibility!

Be cautious in moving all of your networking efforts online. Even for relationships started in an online community, eventual face time is critical. Make time to connect with brick and mortar organizations, even as you use online social networks. These two activities complement each other, and each gives you a distinct skill-set. Do your homework when it comes to social media! Decide which aspect of our work life needs improvement, then plug into the appropriate network and don't be afraid to redirect your efforts if you aren't getting the results you desire! If you play your cyber cards right, you can look forward to developing valuable partnerships, generating new leads and achieving higher level of success.


Euroangel said...

musta ang beauty...unta kadaug na ta ani ug lotto...arun maglaroy-laroy na lang regards sa inyo tanan..mizyah all!!

Mixed and Motions said...

You Bet...! It will be the best getaway of a lifetime...

You will not win if you don't play! haaaaaaaaa... Wink!!!