Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vatican Media Praised The Beatles' Musical Legacy

Vatican media are praising the Beatles' musical legacy and sounding philosophical about John Lennon's boast that the British band was more popular than Jesus. Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano recalls that Lennon's comment outraged many when he made it in 1966. But it says in its Saturday edition that the remark can be written off now as the bragging of a young man wrestling with unexpected success. The newspaper as well as Vatican Radio last week noted the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' "White Album." It said the album demonstrated how creative the Beatles were, compared with what it called the "standardized, stereotypical" songs being produced today.

Photo dated April 18, 1972, John Lennon, right, and Yoko Ono, left, are seen outside the U.S. Immigration offices in New York City, USA. (AP Photo, File)


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