Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sounds Of The Christmas Season

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas is an annual holiday celebrated on December 25 that marks and honors the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. The Nativity of Jesus refers to the Christian belief that Messiah was born to the Virgin Mary. Modern customs of the holiday include gift-giving, church celebrations, and the display of various decorations including the Christmas tree, lights,mistletoe, nativity scenes and holly. Santa Claus, also referred to as Father Christmas, is a popular mythological figure often associated with bringing gifts at Christmas. Santa is generally believed to be the result of a syncretization between St. Nicholas of Myra and elements from pagan Nordic and Christian mythology, and his modern appearance is believed to have originated in 19th century media.

Christmas is celebrated throughout the Christian population worldwide, but is also celebrated by many non-Christians as a secular, cultural festival. A religious and a Joyous time when family and friends gather and good children receive gifts delivered by Santa Claus and placed under their Christmas Tree on Christmas eve!

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