Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Quality Free And Hosted Image In Your Web Page

As bloggers, we know the importance of writing content or blog posts that are both relevant and engaging to our readers. But do you know that something as simple as adding an image will keep a reader on your page longer? The point of blogging is to keep people reading. Covering a wide range of topics including tips on successful blogging. And if you have a snapshots of images that you would like to post you can blog pictures. Very soon all registered users can submit their photos and images to the site. The benefits? You can define author links and source titles for your photos. You can also write story about your photo and include any related links. Links, means reputation, SEO (search engine optimization), and traffic!
Blog Pictures  acobox.com
With Acobox you can browse galleries or search for an image that matches your blog post. You don't have to search the whole web for images that are good with blog posts because they do it for you. You don't have to worry about copyright and license because they guarantee all images are properly licensed. Everything will be OK as long as you follow acobox Terms of Use. You don't have to download the image because acobox hosts it. You don't have to optimize the image for web because they have done it. You don't have to resize the image because you can choose a size that is best for your page from 5 sizes for each image. You don't have to maintain an image library because they maintain one, larger and better.

Last, but not the least it's FREE! Don't hesitate to create an account with Acobox!

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