Monday, November 3, 2008

My Hometown Exploration

Family and Relatives from left; Uncle Diosing, Atik, Rosemarie, Aunte Rosa, Myself, Regie, Lab-Lab, Aunte Lila, my niece Klaynei, my brother Loie and Tisya
These are my long lost DYRC buddies "Club 963" reunion from left; Nilo Labra, Baby Condino, Jerry Wonder, Nimfa Dakay, Myself and Ben Roque My ever dear "Mama Lita" she is my inspiration! My father past away in a tragic death on September 10, 1985. How I wish he could be here with us all along!
My youngest brother "Loie"
My brothers from left; Cocoy, myself and Adam
I had a wonderful time with my family, relatives and friends!

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