Sunday, November 2, 2008

Introducing "D&A"

I would like to welcome and introduce the new and upcoming Duo called "D&A". These two young teen girls DeAnn and Alex, are very talented and something for all to look forward to in the upcoming year! At this time they are currently recording songs for their first album.

Their ability to sing a wide variety of music, with their personality, unique style and moves, D&A is enjoyed by everyone who listens to their singing, dance moves and can watch them perform.


DeAnn and Alex

From left to right, is Alex, myself and my daughter DeAnn

Once they're done finishing the album, I will keep you all updated about their progress and pictures.

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Jurlando Urot said...

hello I'm jerry wonder's son Jurlando. it's so nice to see my dad's pic here. miss him so dearly