Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day

A twist on tradition by bringing new life to old favorites! Traditions are good! They're what make the holidays a time worth waiting for. But by breaking from the norm and putting your own innovative twist on holiday cuisine, you'll not only bring new life to old favorites, but create a tradition or two of your own in the process!

Enjoy your meal...


Euroangel said...

happy thanksgiving day diay!! asus sorry kaayo..bag-o ra nako nabasa imo messages,..saon man wa ko tan-aw sa ako tag-board...tua man gud ko sa UK last time...three weeks pud ko didto...rgards ninyo tanan.. God bless..

ug palit diay ka domain adto sa setting then publishing...then just follow the instruction didto..get ready for your domain name...hala sige ayo2..

kana mga tag...simply copy n paste lang...then follow their instruction sa tag also..

Ann said...

Thank you dae! I am still trying to learn and 'til now I don't know how to work the technical part of feeders, tags and recieving awards from co-bloggers. I guess the next time we see each other u will have to show me again. As long I can post that's what matters right now!