Friday, October 10, 2008

Screencast Solution For Business And Academic Professionals

Screencast is a TechSmith solution for business and academic professionals looking to manage and share videos, images, documents, or anything else online. The high-quality content hosting gives you complete control over how, when and to whom your content is distributed. This solutions enable users worldwide to capture, record, and enhance digital content from their computer screens so they can share information and knowledge in compelling multimedia formats, and allow others to observe, analyze and learn from their experiences. With this latest software technology it offers the Dragon Naturally Speaking a speech recognition 99% accuracy which in ables you to speak and it will automatically types for you at the same time.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred
During earlier design discussions it took a conservative approach before deciding to release the feature in an "off by default" state, meaning that for every piece of content on which an owner wanted to collect comments, the content owner would have to manually enable the feature after upload. Their achievement is they do not want to upset content owners who, for whatever reason, did not want viewers to comment on their content. And with an email notification message as part of the option, that do not want to begin filling up unsuspecting content owners' email in-boxes with unexpected comment notifications.
MacSpeech Dictate
Just select your destination folder and drag-and-drop your files. You can queue files for upload and let the work happen behind the scenes while you tend to other tasks. Get the most out of your Screencast account with their tools, designed to make your experience easy and carefree!

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