Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Visit To The Miraculous Mother Mary In Simala, Cebu, Philippines

What made me decide? My family told me the story about the sacred place where the Marian Monks lived and the miracle of Mama Mary!

Simala, Cebu, and saw the home video with the image of "Sr. Sto. Nino (baby Jesus)" visited and appeared passing by the front of the Mother Mary's glass cover! Early this morning, the whole family and relatives went out to visit the renowned "Miraculous Mama Mary" located in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines. For the past few days I haven't been feeling well due to change of weather and climate. I felt really sick and just want to lay in bed! I decided to get up and eager to see the "Miraculous Mama Mary". As soon as I saw the church, I can feel the peace of mind and felt lightened up! The place is so sacred! I went inside the church to see the shrine of "Mama Mary" and fall in line so I can touch her, can really pray without distractions. I saw pictures and some letters from the people who experienced the miracle and healed their illnesses, pictures of the Philippine President, other famous people who visited and made donations. The shrine became “famous” after word spread that the image of the Virgin Mary was seen “shedding tears of blood,” a phenomenon that lacks scientific or official church validation but nevertheless draws more people to the area. The Marian monks who maintain the shrine have also landscaped the area, which has a mini falls that cascades down a small pool and well-tended gardens. Signboards warn people that picking the flowers would be like “stealing from Mother Mary”. Families can have picnics and meals in cottages built for visitors. Adults and Childrens like to throw coins in a wishing well which features a large bell. Those who grumble about the distance are quickly shamed by the sight of elderly men and women on wheelchairs and crutches who go there to hear Mass and line up to kiss the image of Mary. These senior citizens don veils on their heads while praying, the same one Mother Mary wore when she “shed tears of blood. My experience at Simala, is an unexplainable feeling and it's a place where you can have a peace of mind!

No place is too far to visit for a miracle. People whose only hope to cure their sickness is miracle, are always in search for instruments of God’s miraculous grace.

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very cool..musta na ka diha!! anhi nya ko diri puhon...regards to all!!