Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Will Be On Vacation To Visit My Hometown!!!

Starting tomorrow September 7, 2008 I will be going on vacation to visit my family in my hometown Cebu! During my stay, I will keep you posted and update you with my adventures, explorations, escapades and travels. At the same time, I will be researching for a business back home. Due to the suffering economy here in the United States. It is difficult to count on it and can be very stressful to think about it if you don't have a substitute plan for future. It is my nature to always find sources and ways in keeping myself pre-occupied and to keep up with life and it's challenges. Having Plan B it's always a good feeling to consider and lean on.

If any of you who has a business mind and any business suggestions, I would like to hear them! Thank you in advance! I will keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

hey goodluck in advance on your business venture and have a great trip back to cebu. inggit! i haven't been to cebu in ages! ;-)

Euroangel said... maayo pa siya uli sa pinas...good luck to your new venture!! have a safe and happy trip trip!!

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MarlyMS said...

enjoy ur vacation :)

sexy momma said...

hi ann ingat and enjoy! miss ko na lechon cebu ;-)

Joe said...
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gLoR!e said...

hi Ann,

Welcome home!:) taga cebu diay ka..same location ra diay ta: Cebu!:)

i agree that in life there is always Plan B we dont know what would be our future bring us at least we have some sources to continues the beauty of life!:)

Good Luck on your endeavor!:)

Ann said...

Hello! Co-bloggers! Thank you guys for the feedback! I appreciate your support! I will try to keep you updated! Mwah!!!!