Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Exploration At ABS-CBN TV Game Show "Wowowee" In Manila

As I promised you all that I will keep you updated about my trip and my family visit here in Cebu, Philippines. On September 16, we went on a trip to Manila to attend and explore the ABS-CBN TV Game Show called "Wowowee" which was aired on September 17. We had so much fun! Everybody's adrenalin level were so high and so pumped up! As a TFC (The Filipino Channel) subscriber with a "BigAtin" member, we were treated really well and took us on a Studio Tour during our visit and making sure that we are taking care of and had a good experience. Yes, we had a wonderful time!

"Olores Family"

Family and Relative "Willie Revelliame" the main host of the show!
"Wowowee" Studio Tour

My Mama Lita
My brother "Loie"
My brother "Adam"
My brother "Arniel" alias "Cocoy"
Loie and Pokwang (Host of the show)
(From left) Al, Loie, Mama Lita, Jo-Jo, Myself, Maribel and Bebe
Mom won a price during the game participation!
Mom, Pinky Webb (Celebrity/Host) and Myself
We had a great time!


Borneo Falcon said...

Looks like everyone is having a good time

Janice Lois said...

Thanks for updating information about your vacation trip.