Friday, September 5, 2008

Blog Party Hosted By Momhood Moments

You Are Invited!!!

On September 15-30, Momhood Moments will be hosting a "BLOG PARTY!!!" Just keep in mind, don't be too harm! No spam, adult and gambling blogs are allowed. This is for all the blogger from all ages are invited! Come and join the party! Get to know people and meet friends around the globe and introduce yourself, and let's have fun!

Hope to see there!

Join The PARTY!!!


Maricel said...

Thanks Ann! By the way, can you please use one of the banners and place it in your sidebar?

And also, I just made revisions on the instructions, can you please link 3 other blogs as well? Pinay Mommy Online, Momemo, and Blessings and Beyond as the sponsors of this blog party? Their links are found on my blog too! ^_^ Thanks! Hoping to hear from you soon for the revision!

By the way, since I'm getting sponsor from the said blogs, I'll be giving away 100 EC credits instead of 50! :D

Business Mars

Ann said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement! Cheers!