Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Travel With Comfort And Envision A Germ Free Environment

As a traveler, mobility and handy items is a concern when traveling by air or by land. If you are a traveler like me especially on airlines you know how cold it can get in the cabin! As you know, most airlines if not all are starting to charge for every little item including blankets and pillows. Most international flights will provide you a blanket and pillow but, still your concern of the germs will always be a big question in your mind if the blankets and pillows have been cleaned properly. When you walked through the cabin during a flight, you will notice how passengers struggled to stay warm with standard airline blankets. I used to carry a standard pillow from home and blanket to prevent health hazard. I also have to think about the unpredictable travel delays and getting stranded. If you don't have those two, definitely you will end up getting sick and exhausted due to the temperatures and discomfort. I have found a product that will resolve all that travel discomfort, very handy, hassle free and super easy! The blankets called Cabin Cuddler which are fully washable, fleece-lined, and pill-resistant, are also used for camping, other outdoor events, all forms of travel, and relaxing at home. Some people report the blanket makes a comfortable stadium seat when left in its lightweight carrying case. The case can hook onto luggage or be carried by hand.


A vision of a travel blanket that could be contoured to wrap around a person’s body and also include a foot pocket in which passenger feet could nestle securely. To complement the germ free environment, it includes an inflatable pillow in the soft travel pack, which can also double as a pillow case.

Envision it! Germ free! Very handy! And it's your own!

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler

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