Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's Official That Jay-Z and Beyoncé Had Tied The Knot In NYC

Congratulations to the newlywed! Best Wishes to both of a lifetime happiness and the best of everything!

Jay-Z and Beyoncé tied the knot at the rapper's apartment in NYC's Tribeca neighborhood Friday night on April 4th. It was very special, very private and very intimate! To those of you who wondered why it took so long for the marriage to happen? it's because they didn't want to rush into a lifetime commitment, they want to enjoy each others company and took their time to get to know each others well in making sure the foundation is solid. I applaud them both for keeping their personal relationship in private, separate from their profession and career. It's hard to keep a relationship healthy when both couples are in the public eyes and the spotlights. I'm sure they will managed to keep it up and meeting half way!
Kevin Mazur/


Euroangel said...

musta na mo diha tanan...salamat sa greetings...nanggawas ra mi gahapon sa ako bana diri..nangaon sa greek restaurant...rgards sa tanan..God bless!!

Ann said...

hello dae! nice to hear from u! well, sometimes a little getaway is a good thing to do! regards to both of you and miss ya!