Monday, August 4, 2008

Super Jumbo Hotdog

How would you like to eat this Super Jumbo Hotdog for only $1.99? As always, only in Las Vegas! Me and the band (JAMM) were playing at The Plaza Hotel/Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, our hours started between 7:00 pm - 12:30 am . I was not able to eat my dinner on our first night of performance, in my break time I was hunting for food because I was starving! so I finally found a snack bar and I could not believe in my eyes? When I saw the size of this hotdog and the price? It's humongous!!! and so cheap!!! with no hesitation I went ahead bought the Super Jumbo Hotdog with chili cheese on it! I had to take a picture of the hotdog and look! it wouldn't even fit in the camera! I had a hard time finishing half of the size of it! It was hilarious!!! I was so embarrassed everytime I attempt to take a bite it barely fit in my mouth and I could not resist laughing! I had to ask my friend Portia to help me out! She was laughing everytime I took a bite because the stuffing of the hotdog were dripping down so quickly. Trust me! I'm not alone who struggled to take a bite of that hotdog. Also the people around the snack bar who ordered it were struggling and I can see the mess on their table "holly guacamole!!!!" I have never eaten a hotdog that big! I have to use fork and knife so I can eat it and really enjoy the taste and believe me "it's freaking so good and tasty!" You have nothing to worry about who saw you eating that Super Jumbo Hotdog. Remember the saying? Everything stays in Vegas!!!

Have a bite!

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