Monday, June 2, 2008

Kawasan Falls - Cebu

Family picture taking first before story telling!

I took this picture of the Kawasan Falls located in South Badian, Cebu (Philippines). I was amaze because no matter which angle you take the shots, it's like a postcard photo. The waterfalls itself is such a crystal clear perfect place to relax and cool off from the humidity of the climate back home. You can swim, dive and even rent the bamboo floaters that fits at least 20 little Filipino's to adventure the cave underneath the falls then pass the falling water. Also, a perfect natural therapy and massage for your muscle aches and pain. It has a long hike to see the beginning of the falls and as far as I remember it has an approximately seven waterfalls, a river falls steeply down from the hills above flowing through Matutinao River. On your way to see the first and the biggest falls (shown below) it's like an adventure hiking through a jungle, the scenery itself and hearing the sound of the different animals and surrounded with big trees it's unbelievable. The interesting part is while hiking you will encounter the manmaid local bridges overlooking the river, a very rocky and narrow path. I feel like a I'm walking in a beam making sure to keep my balance in place just like a gymnast! (LOL) but, believe me the scenery of the place will keep your balance in tight because you will get distracted by the nature of it and you will be amaze of the beautiful river streaming down creating tiny waterfalls and of course the sound of the water. Everytime I visit my home in Cebu, Kawasan Falls is the number one in my list to see and venture. My family and friends enjoyed a lot! and whenever I'm home they look forward to see it again.



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