Sunday, June 29, 2008

JAMM Performing At Indigo Lounge - Ballys Hotel/Casino In Las Vegas

Smashing, Brilliant and Magical, those are the three words that could best describe The JAMM. Performing at Indigo Lounge at Ballys Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. For indeed, there is magic in their voices that evokes the deepest and soulful expression of every word in a song. Together with their versatility and style, they could become - if not already - superstars in entertainment.

Smashing in the sense that, wherever and whenever they perform together, The JAMM's songs and their music never fail to rev up crowds night in and night out. It is their sense of togetherness in every repertoire that makes the difference. As one writer put it: " Harmony, versatility and style translate into an exciting team of performers." The melody is just great.

Jonathan Potenciano and Ann DeNovellis



Hi My dear Cousin...I will be missing all of you guys...your all great, your hubby Bob, my beautiful n pretty sexy pamangkin De and portia, my new found friend!! I will really miss you!! Thanks a lot for all the things you had done to me esp. sa mga laag2 in vegas..I will never forget them!! It's great having family like you...

I really have great, happy and unforgettable memories with all of you...even i haven't met you for more than 2 decades but i could say " Blood is really thicker than water" haha..

I will also miss watching your gigs...I love it...your a great singer and performer!! keep it up!!

always remember in all things that you do there are lots of hindrances esp. people who are against you, but also remember as long as you do your part, God always protects you!!

I will miss you guys...i will miss Las vegas!! just always take care all of you!!

God bless us all!!

rwbstar said...

Hi Ann...I caught your show at the Indigo Lounge and loved it. I am the Entertainment Manager at a casino in Iowa and would love to talk to you about having Jamm perform on our Show Lounge. Please contact me at
Rich Bentler