Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ann at Ballys Hotel/Casino

This picture was taken at Ballys Hotel/Casino in Indigo Lounge. Me and the band JAMM had a blast and so much fun. Just to let you know today June 22nd will be my last performance with the JAMM. I decided to take a break and help my daughter pursuing her career in acting, modeling and singing. Although, it is very difficult for me but her opportunities is in her favor and doesn't come across that often especially at her young age. My daughter DeAnn who's 13 yrs old is also love singing and she really wants to become successful in her career that she dreamed of. I had a difficult choice is to take a break and support my daughter. If you want to see my daughter's profile and her pictures, you can locate from my older post. Check it out!

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admin said...

love this pics of your...

Ann invite me sa imong blog para akong ma install imong layout.

adto lang sa settings then permission then add me as an author then mao ni na email . then akong i accept then balik sa permission then grant me para i have full access. paabot lang ko ha?.

ayo ayo...have a great week.