Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Puppy "Nikko"

DeAnn and Nikko!

Our sweet puppy girl "Nikko". She was named after my first dog a German Shepperd which she passed away 15 years ago (old age). It took me awhile to get another dog because I had a hard time getting over with her death. Nikko, is a Shi Tza Poo (Shi Tzu and Poodle) mixed and weight 13 lbs only. She is considered our youngest part of the family. She likes to be called "Good Girl" all the time when she does No. 1 and No. 2 and she always look forward for her "Treat" the magic word? Guess what? she loves to be given a bath and also wants to be blowed dry after. She loves the water and wants to be in a shower each time she seen neither me or my husband will take one. But we can only give her at least twice a week because it's not good for her skin. If we cook eggs and have breakfast in the morning, she also gets her own egg. We don't mind given her sometimes because it's good for her fur. We have to be very careful with her diet because we want her to live longer. We love her very much!!! and she is milking it! Huh!
She is such an adorable puppy! She think she is a big dog because, very protective to her family. Barely bark though, only when there is a suspicious noise and never seen people. Very playful and loved the stomach massage. If I were to talk about her, I don't have enough space! that's how much we love and care Nikko.


Euroangel said...

elow dae Ann, congrats...your doing great in your blog..PR1 na ka...hahaha..continue to get it higher..very busy jud ko diri..ningkamot blogging..usahay di na ka blog hop....musta na mo diha..really miss the fun in Las hubby said will probably go there in 2010 to see what's going on..he want to see las vegas first and see the possibility whether to stay there or not..

i really miss all your company there...hope everything is fine with you...miss ur gigs too...miss watching you perform!! that's great!!ayo2 na lang mo dinha...if you want to see me..just visit my blogs...mizyah all there...God bless!! Simply The Best Euroangel Graffiti The WWW Addict My Daily Nourishment My Euro Travel and Adventure's Exploring Germany Adventure in Carefree USA

Ann said...

hello dae! i did not even realize that my blog is PR1 na! thanks! miss you too! i am trying to creat another one but i think i messed it up! i got confuse wit the google adsense set up! if you dont mind, can u please give me a tip concerning allowing the to access my adsense account? i was reading if i chose to allow will automatically get percentage of my adsense earnings is that how it suppose to? still trying to remember all this set up!

anyway, hope you all are in good health and keep me updated. take care!