Sunday, November 2, 2008

Island Hopping - Cebu, Philippines

Friends and relatives hopping the islands sorrounding Mactan, Cebu along Kalusuan Island. Strike a pose in the edge of our famous "Pamboat" that fits at least 40 little filipinos, that means if there is a little space, will make it fit! lol! It's not fun if they don't tag along that's why you call it a Family Fun Adventure! We brought foods while on the go sailing of course the famous "Puso" (hanging rice), "Lechon" (Roasted BBQ Pig), "Sinugbang Isda and Baboy with sauce" (Grilled fish and pork), our signature "Ginamos" (salted fish), "Guso" (seaweed), "Ensaymada Bread and Slice Bread" as usual meal is not complete without drinks. Oh Boy! we were very full during the whole hopping and so much fun and can't wait for the next one.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is fun! I love the sea :)

Ann said...

You bet! Going vacation and doing adventures with family, it's always the best!