Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Hawaiian Family Getaway

Aloha! Finally, the family were able to go for an Hawaiian get away! This was our family dream vacation and we had so much fun! We drove around the Island, enjoyed every moment and had a wonderful time! It's like being in a paradise, white sand, clear blue sea, beautiful scenery, so laid back and very relaxing. Oahu's North Shore is the surfing capital of the world, and the historic town of Haleiwa is always the culmination of any North Shore trip. There are some very memorable sunsets to be seen on the North Shore, especially at this harbor. During our vacation everyday we made sure we do activities, adventures and not to miss any fun. We took a lot of pictures with my daughter pointed "The Diamond Head Crater", one of Hawaii's world-renowned icons, Diamond Head has been a welcoming symbol for the Islands since tourism's earliest days, dating back to the turn of the 20th century. The profile from the resorts meca of Waikiki is perhaps the best known image of the volcanic crater.

We also visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial Park. A place to pay respect to our late "American Heroes" during the World War II. Definitely, we all look forward to visit that historic place again...

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